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Trevor Lehmann: Owner of Convergent Games

You have reached the Convergent Games Blog. An ongoing discussion of games, the people that love them, and the conventions that host them.

If you have are in the habit of running a convention booth or even just attending a games convention, I recommend you check out Convention Coach + Stories, a guide I maintain on how to get the most out of your convention experience.

If you enjoy designing games and want to learn a bit about my experiences, you will find a variety of Developer Diaries.

If you are interested in the games I make, please see Where to Buy Crop Cycle.

If you are interested in the stories of Convergent Games Owner Trevor Lehmann, please see my personal blog.

Finally, I recommend that you SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER and stay informed of new Content, Events, and Games. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter @GamesCg


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