Surviving the Convention Circuit Diet

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Convention Food will kill you!

You can rationalize that there is protein somewhere in the bacon and cheese bagel sandwich you just consumed; but that won’t undo the calories; or the effect this food will have on your body in the short term. An accurate recreation of your body’s general response to convention food can be found here.

This type of bodily response results in sub-optimal performance at conventions.

That is not being totally fair; sometimes conventions do offer healthy(ish) alternatives, but because healthy fruits and vegetables don’t have a great shelf life and take up lots of storage space, many conventions opt for pre-packaged/pre-cooked foods with shelf lives that rival my own life expectancy.

If a convention does make an effort to provide healthy foods; by all means give them your support. Convention and community centers are integral to our hobby and showing support by tossing a few dollars their way is always appreciated.

Just don’t make surviving off convention food plan A.

Beyond nutrition, food costs can add up and board game designers aren’t known for rolling in cash. Whenever possible, I bring along my own food to a convention along with a refillable water bottle. I do allot a certain amount of money for snacks to support the convention centre hosts, but the bulk of my food does not come from the convention.

If I am traveling or outside food is not allowed, I typically elect to dash out to a Subway and purchase the greatest quantity of vegetables possible to compress between two pieces of bread. If I am tied to my booth all day, I may buy in when I hear a fellow con-goer is going to venture out on a food run. I am a pretty trusting person though, so that may not work for everyone.

You’re not training for a Marathon or Bodybuilding competition, so you don’t need to maintain a pristine diet throughout a convention. By aiming to prepare your own healthy meals however, you ensure that both your digestive tract and bank account don’t take a nose dive and that you have a better overall convention experience.

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